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Social media SEO is another crucial element needed for you business. The search engines now incorporate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, +1s, etc. to decide their search results. No matter how good your keyword density, internal and back links are, they can still remain static without using the social media approach. The Internet is always growing and developing, and Page1website always keeps up to date with the current and latest innovating technology.


Gone are the days when the big media outlets would drown consumers with adverts, targeting AT them, not interacting WITH them.


Social media is the beginning of a NEW era. Page1website stresses the word NEW, as many people today feel that they have missed the boat when it comes to Internet marketing. They couldn’t be more wrong. Internet marketing is in its infancy and our generation, what ever age, are privileged to be born in the time of its birth. Why not utilise that privilege for your business!

Write Interesting Posts


No matter what business you are trying to promote, it won’t work if you don’t supply good content and have an Internet persona that people want to come back to. Don’t view this as a tiresome waste of time. No one builds a tower without having first laid the foundations. This is the building block to your business. It may take a little time and effort, but it’s worth it in the end.


What About Twitter?


Twitter is much the same, but different if that makes sense. Professional journalists and big TV companies hate Twitter. They will never admit to that, but they do. You know why? Because at long last they don’t get the scoop, the latest news story on the block. They also can’t censor anything now. But that’s another issue.


Twitter is quick, bouncy and out there. Once you open a Twitter account, make sure you interact daily. It doesn’t have to be loads of content, in fact it can’t be as you are only allowed 140 characters a post. The coolest thing about Twitter are the re-tweets. All you need is for someone with hundreds of followers to retweet your catchy tweet and voilà. You will have exposure to many different Twitter accounts and that equals followers for you. The law of averages will mean that there is a customer or two out there and you have just what they need.


Start following others. It is beneficial to follow good sources that give the latest happenings and what’s trending. Then you can retweet their news posts. They don’t necessarily always have to be about the subject of your business either.


Do not Forget the Hashtag


Don’t forget the hashtag. For instance, if your business is a smoothie shop, you could hashtag #smoothie, etc. Once you put a hashtag in front of a word your tweet is also sent to new page where everyone is talking about smoothies. You are opening up a whole new fresh audience.



Cool down this summer and have an ice cold #smoothie with Benjy of Nantwich”


Facebook and Twitter are just two of the many social networking sites out there. Others are Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and many many more. Page1website will be talking about these in our blog.