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SEO Tips


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Make your website inviting to the eye


If you want people to stay on your page, then it needs to be inviting. You want people to stay, bookmark and return. How can you do that?


Don’t have too many flashing adverts


We all know those emails and websites that drive you crazy with flashing adverts. They know too, as they use it as a strategy to get you to pay for their ‘premium’ email, and then they will take them off. If you find these ads irritating, why wouldn’t others feel the same way about your site? Don’t take any chance of allowing your audience to go elsewhere.


There is nothing wrong with having ads, especially if you are wanting to earn from them, just don’t drown your site with them. Google is a good example to use. Anyone that uses Gmail will see that they don’t use flashing ads. They use one or two lines at the top of your inbox and a few non-flashing ones down the side.


Have a Logo


It’s good to have a logo and to use it on every page of your site and on your social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


Never practice in public


Do not practice your SEO on a live website. It’s too easy to make mistakes that will ultimately wreck your chances of future traffic. You don’t want to upset the search engines or your audience. If they see mistakes chances are they will never come back.


Keep up to date


Google algorithm shifts from time to time, so you need to keep up to date with what’s going on and  research REGULARLY




  • Great content brings you great links
  • Controversy hooks (we suggest you only write controversial content once in a while or you’ll be like the boy who cried wolf)
  • Humour always works as long as it’s tasteful
  • Bring something original to the table
  • Participate in the community
  • Answer questions accurately
  • Use original research
  • Try and use an opt in box and send out monthly news letters
  • Get to know where people spend their time (what sites)
  • Conduct a live blog (video)
  • Write a blog
  • Establish yourself as an authority
  • Have a resource that no one else has
  • Release something promotional for free
  • Make sure your site can be crawled and bookmarked?


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