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SEO the Basics for Beginners

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SEO the basics for beginners


IS SEO difficult?


That would depend on your personal situation.


If you were born in 1996 it’s probably as easy as pie. Not so easy however if your birth date is 1942. We are not saying that everyone over 60 is inapt or computer phobic, just that kids today are born into this culture. They haven’t had to learn the new computer language. Phrases like ‘SEO, keywords and optimisation’ are learnt alongside “I’m hungry mummy”.


Whether you are a skilled competent web master or a short sighted computer phobic grandad, we are going to explain the basics of SEO and answer as many questions as possible.


What is SEO?


It is the ham in the sandwich.


The icing on the cake.


SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION. It means that your website is catered for the search engines to find it. The better your SEO, the higher the ranking of your site, the easier you will be found.


What are the search engines looking for?


They are looking for good content, design logos, high quality pictures, videos, links, polls etc.


What is good content?


Know your subject. Be able to explain it in an understandable manner. Your grammar has to be correct. The search engines pick up bad grammar, believe it or not.


It is good to have about 700 words on each page, and all (or some) of the points I have mentioned already on all of them.


Never use spun material or plagiarise any body else’s work, the search engines know and your website could end up getting banned.


What is content spinning?


In a nutshell, it is rewriting another persons article by changing the odd word here and there. There is software that will automatically do this for you. Don’t go anywhere near it. If you have ever read something on the Internet in English that doesn’t make sense, then it’s probably been spun. Search engines hate spun material and so does the Internet reader.


How do I know if my site is performing well?


Google Analytics is a good way to see how your site is doing. Also sites like You can see how high your bounce rate (people clicking off of your site immediately) is on both of these websites. If you have a high bounce rate, it could be that the overall performance of your site isn’t working well and you should amend this accordingly.


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SEO the basics for beginners is a free guide to help you rank well on google





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