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Search Engine Optimisation

Think of your website as the heart of your business. The same way our literal heart needs to keep beating for us to stay alive; our virtual heart (your website) needs to keep beating for your business to keep alive and thrive.

Respect the search engines, as they are the portal to your website.
Page1website specialise in:-
  • Website Hosting
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Page Optimisation
  • Social Media SEO
  • Creating & Designing Websites

Page1website specialise in:-

On-page optimisation (SEO) is everything that you create within your site, including pictures, links, videos, etc. to get your site found.

We will make sure that your site avoids common mistakes like duplicate content and missing title tags, or spammy SEO content like hidden texts, links or cloaking. Search engines recognise these tactics immediately and punish accordingly.

Page1website specialise in:-

Off-page optimisation (SEO) is what can be done off the pages of a website to maximise its performance in the search engines. For example creating back links on other sites that direct to your site.