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How to be Seen Online?

By London Web Design Company




If this London Web Design Company asked you to name all the blogging platforms there are in the world, we doubt very much you could.


There are at least 150 million blogs on the Internet at any one time.


The estimated 69 million WordPress sites are being used as platforms for them, and that’s just WordPress, not to mention Blogger, Bubblews, Typepad and many more.


How can you make your blog go viral?


The obvious method is to have compelling content, that goes without saying. But could we do more?



Everyone is writing the same content but just adapting their own style.


Try a little experiment for us.


Open a new Google tab and put the word NEWS into the search box. You will see exactly the same news item from about 2000 different sources (websites). They are all written differently and by various authors, but the content is the same.


There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want your business to stand out more than the average, you need to be ahead of everyone else. This isn’t so easy to do. You have to think outside of the box. (Excuse the cliché, but it’s true.)


Of course the easiest thing to do at this point, would be for you to stop reading right now, and contact our London Web Design Company and let us do it for you.


If not, don’t let us interrupt your flow, continue reading.


Tragedy Sells


Sometimes blogs can go viral if a tragedy has happened, or is ongoing in a person’s life. Mankind has empathy, and seeing someone else’s plight brings it home to us. An example of this was the active blogger Steven Sutton who sadly passed away from cancer.


Don’t despair though, you don’t have to have this type of topic to blog, nor do you want it. How can you find something unique when it comes to dog walking, network marketing or whatever other niche you may be in?


Step up your game


When someone finds your blog, what do they find? Is it much of the same as hundreds of other blogs, or do you have something that will make them want to come back for more?


Be controversial, but don’t go over the top


Even if your product is ‘make up and perfume,’ you can still be a little controversial.


Don’t use your blog as a personal sounding board for all your opinions, but do be dynamic


Your blog doesn’t constantly have to be about your product. You can talk about current events, and slip in your personal opinion while you’re at it.


For example, if you are trying to promote network marketing, and you find a little news article regarding this, incorporate it into your blog with your views included. It doesn’t matter if the article is negative or positive, as you are going to give your personal opinion on it anyway.


A picture paints a thousand words


Have you noticed photos of website owners on the Google search results? Your page ranking will fair better if your photo comes up in the search results.  It will also rank higher if you have good quality images throughout your site.


How do you get your photo in the search results?


èFirst things first, you need to set up a Google+ account.


èUpload a good quality photo to your profile on Google+. Google recommend the image used is 250 x 250 pixels.


èWrite an awesome ‘ABOUT ME’ page.


èWhile your Google+ ‘about me’ page is open to edit, link your Google+ URL to the ‘about me’ page.


èGo to ‘other profiles’ & click ‘edit.’


èClick on ‘add custom link.’


èCopy and paste your Google+ URL into the link, and put a title of your choice in the display box.


èDon’t forget to link your ‘website URL’ to your Google+.


Check out the results on Google. You will be impressed as your site will now look professional and be up there with all the big wigs. (Providing you do everything else we suggest, good content etc.)


How to use photos throughout your website?


Reading online isn’t like reading a book. Your eyes get tired. There is nothing like a good quality photograph to bring a little light relief.


  • Always use good quality photos (even if you have to pay for them, it will benefit you in the long run)
  • Use photographs relevant to the subject
  • Use your trademark (brand) where possible
  • Try to take your own photographs too
  • Crop your images (tweaking is good)
  • Never steal images (in other words, don’t just use Google images and download, its not only unfair, its illegal)
  • Always attribute to the right person (copyright)
  • Put the images at the top of your site and each blog post, that will help attract people FIRST and then they will continue reading


Sites for downloading FREE images





London Web Design Company can help you!


We will be giving away FREE advice in our regular online blog, but please contact us for a bespoke service.


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