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Why I need a website?

Why I need a website?

Do you remember the good old days when we advertised our businesses in Yellow Pages and that was it? Not any more. Now in 2014 we have moved on. If we don’t compete with our rivals our business will go down the pan. We have seen that happen to big named companies over the past few years. We obviously won't mention any names, but we all know who they are and why it happened? These big high street brands failed to move with the times. If you want your business to work, you have to get online. Everyone is hanging out here now and whether we like it or not, the door has shut and the horse has bolted
Website Designing

Website Designing

You have an excellent business that seems to be doing pretty good, but you know only too well that your business would be even more successful if you had a website. Where do you start? You have heard people talking about setting up their business online, and you want to be a part of that, but you don’t feel you have the time or the know how to do it right. Instead of worrying or feeling downhearted, give us a call at Web Design kent.

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Not getting traffic?

Not getting traffic?

“I already have a website…..I just cant get traffic to it….”
You are not alone. There are thousands of impressive websites on the Internet that are never being found. You might know how to make bridal bouquets, but have no clue when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation). Fear not entrepreneurs, that is what we are here for. Let us handle all the geeky stuff when it comes to your website, and you stick to the highly skilled creative side of your business. Lets face it, you didn't start this business to be tied to a computer screen all day, did you? We, on the other hand, did!

Designing Websites

Whether you want your website designed and built completely from scratch or you need us to redesign your current website, give us a call. We will build it, host it and SEO it. Web design Kent


Website Designing

Built completely from scratch or you need us to redesign your current website, give us a call.

Keep Your Website Bright

Page1 website will always know what the search engines want and ensures high page index.

Website Hosting

Provide space on the Internet for you to store your website, and make sure that it is accessible.

Choose The Right Host

This will effect your SEO.If you choose Page1Website you will not be sacrificing page views.

On-Page Optimization (SEO)

Everything that you create within your site, including pictures, links, videos, etc. to get your site found.

Off-Page Optimization (SEO)

What can be done off the pages of a website to maximise its performance in the search engines.

Social Media SEO

Another crucial element needed for your business. Search engines now incorporate social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, +1s.

Customer Support

We are available to contact 24/7. If we cant attend to your query immediately we will certainly reply to you ASAP.

Keep Your Website Bright

Page1website will always know what the search engines want and make sure that your website results have a high page index, so when the customer is looking for that specific site to suit their needs, they will find you. Need Web Design Kent ? Contact us today.